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Cute and Loud!

Gonner Hills Cemetery has been overrun with evil spirits, zombies and the weird locals! The only hope for ridding the cemetery of this spooky threat is some random kid with psychic powers!

Join Lil Brick as he clobbers ghouls,  helps out the locals, and comes face-to-face with the forces behind the mayhem!

Features include:

  • A classic turn-based rpg experience wrapped in a cartoon package!
  • Chiptune beats of varying quality!
  • Battle family favorite demons from the Ars Goetia!
  • Attempts at humor!
  • And more!

Dead Function is a small game made in RPG Maker MV. It isn't a complete overhaul, as the goal of the project was to keep it simple. But most of the sprites and "chip-tune" music were all done by me!

Big shout out goes to Yanfly, Moghunter, Hudell,  SumRndmDde and Fallen Angel Olivia for their awesome plugins that make this game what it is!

Translations Credits:

Русский - bizDICK

Italian - KITranslation

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
AuthorKill Idol
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, earthbound, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Italian, Russian


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Dead Function (English) 282 MB
Dead Function (Русский) 267 MB
Dead Function (Italiano) 283 MB

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this game is so underrated

Is there a walkthrough for this game? i'd like to find all the bones and flowers


I really really liked this game.<3

I would really like a wiki for this game because I can't find the brother the cat demon dude told us about when you finish fighting him and spare him and let him join your team


I also forgot how to save, what button on a computer do I press to save my progress?

You can play this game on your Android with JoiPlay Emulator

Dead Function is a very cool game set in a graveyard strewn with cartoonish angry spirits and walking dead, which I made an account to review. The gameplay at moments can be a little bit irritating, but it was never frustrating, and the experience as a whole was very enjoyable.

The feel of the game shines the brightest in the charming and lovely art, the likable main character, (despite the fact they never talk, they just give off that kinda vibe, y'know?) and the simple yet well-thought out combat. 

There are a few things which drag this game down, mostly in the form of some bugs.

- At the end of the game, you are told your 'wounds fully heal' before a battle, but you start the battle with the same damage from your previous battle.

- "Shed Flesh" is an ability which says it removes all debuffs. Poison is not listed under these debuffs, apparently, which seems confusing.

- The audio sometimes flickers in volume between different areas for no discernable reason

But these are all nitpicky flaws, and Dead Function is an enjoyable game nonetheless due to the sheer amount of personality it exudes. 

I would also like it if the standard RPGMaker 'effects' were replaced, but that's just because I really want to see more of this artstyle.

cool aesthetics !

ooo intresting game! the music was great and i like the monsters that we fight, their faces are pretty funny, the guy we play as i love how chill he is, kinda fits like the cold and chill vibe ghosts have, his powers are pretty cool also and its ok that this isnt anything to big, it being simple helps it not feel dragged out and complicated, amazing work!

I love the way it looks and I love the boxart thing it's cute


This game is so good ! I really like the art style and music

(1 edit)

WOW ! This game was amazing : the story is good, the pixel art is very good and the music was amazing. The only dowside (exept for bugs) is that i felt like all the boss was to easy so maybe you can create a limt of level that increase after beating a boss or increase the stats of the boss or something like that.

I  some thing that i think would be great to add to the game:

.Make so that the teamates are more fun to play (cause all i was doing was spam one,two puncg with orias abd it just worked)

.That the teamate can have equipement.

That teamates are more diverse.

also i found some bugs :

.When i enter a room i cant leave it immediately , i have to move foward and then i can re go to the past room.

.The Tarot cart 4 (that nomaly give you a extra turn doesn't work)

Overall, this game was really fun to play so thank you  for creating this game !

PS: sorry if my english is bad .

Hello! I'm from Turkey and can I make a Turkish patch of your game free ? Contact me. My discord is :  WF4 // WhiteR#1332


Hello! I recorded a playthrough on this game recently (if it's okay with you, it'll be on Youtube). It's a quirky little RPG with good art and funny dialogue. I don't know if there will be further updates for this game, but I'd like to try and give some useful feedback:

  • Overall, I feel like there are a tad too many random encounters, it never feels like you can take a breather like you would in a typical RPG when you rest in a safe area. I also felt discouraged from doing all the interesting side-quests since I was bogged down by all the random battles in the end, especially because there was no option to run away from the fights (as far as I know).
  • I got a little lost in the beginning after the first boss fight and accidentally fought "Gamigin" before I was supposed to, there was even dialogue referring to another demon that didn't exist yet. Looking back, I technically was briefly told where to go, but some reminders like signposts or even just a map would be nice.
  • The volume levels were strangely inconsistent at times. The most egregious example I could remember was when you talked to the football player, Leo, and the music got very quiet but then went back to being really loud after you left the area. I think normalizing the audio files would be better on the ears.
  • Finally, a very specific nitpick that really only affected me was that the game's resolution wasn't standard, so it created little black bars on the top and bottom when I recorded it. Not a big deal, but most people's computer screens are in 16:9, so something to consider if players want to launch it in fullscreen for example.

Anyways, those are a few of my thoughts I had during my playthrough. Hopefully, whether for Dead Function or any other projects, it's of some use!


Thanks for taking the time to play my game and write this out! My schedule is a little wonky usually so I haven't planned a specific moment for coming back and tuning this up, but I'm adding some of your notes to my "to-do" list, for whenever I get the chance!

I appreciate the feedback and hope to fix some of that soon though! Thanks again~


I said this in my review, but the art  & music are really dope and I'm excited to see more of your work!


its a fun game. just, tiny thing; i cant seem to change targets when in combat. i think it might be my pc, but i can only attack the left enemy if i dont use an all-targets attack


yeah no its my pc. nvm

Glad the issue had some kind of fix to it!

Anyone know where Knives' old base is?


have made a little first impressions video if you would like to check out what i thought about your game. xD


Deleted 2 years ago

I re-posted my reply into the comments of your youtube page! I figured that would be more beneficial for your channel!  Thanks agian for playing!


Thanks dude! xD It is a great game! One of the best I have played. It really is a must play for Halloween or in fact, any time of the year! XD